• 70% WFA | 30% On Project
  • Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
  • 28 y.o.
  • Scorpio
  • B
  • ESTJ

About Me

Implement a Privacy Policy for myself.
So I decided to delete all social media and create a new one with an unreal ID.

I'm on:
70% WFA
30% FW Project
Alpha Male - Aggresive over 2 hours
Cook by myself | Spicy food 🌶️🔥
Have 2 Sides:
Strong inside 💪 | Soft outside 💖.
Hard Worker, Responsible and Honest.
Discussion is the best communication for me.
I have a calm, gentle and firm character.
Open minded and not forcing my will.

Uplifting Stories About Me

Have had a lot of damage that made me mature and wise in life:
I've experienced three times being left by a girlfriend to get married. Ever caught a girlfriend cheating with another man and saw firsthand having sex in a hotel.

Cheated by a business partner.

I have felt when business was high but a big fire broke out which resulted in the whole house, vehicle, property and everything being burned except only leaving a cellphone in the pocket of my pants.

and there are many other true stories that strengthen both from me and from friends that I can tell with Coffee Talk ☕


Smoking | Alcohol | Drugs | Gambling | Free Sex | Soda

My Routine

Prayer 5 Times | Wake up at 3am | Blood Type Diet | Less Sugar

My Favorite Food

Goat Satay | Mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce

My Favorite Drink

Coffee | Green Tea | Milk | Honey

Skill & Experience

  • • Sales - Digital Marketing [SEO,SEM,SMO,SMM,ORM] etc
  • • Market Research Qualitative - Quantitative
  • • Database Management
  • • Website Development
  • • Computer/Laptop/Hp Hardware, Software & Networking
  • Business Development - PT. Berkah Kelola Dana [2020 - 2021]
  • Project Leader - PT. Ipsos Indonesia & PT. Nielsen Indonesia [2019 - 2019]
  • Assistant Manager - Dowell Research & Beranda Focus Group Facilities [2017 - 2019]
  • Marketing Executive - PT. Lippo Cikarang [2017 - 2017]
  • Interviewer Executive - PT. Nielsen Indonesia [2016 - 2017]
  • Field Coordinator - Management Entertainment [2012 - 2016]

My Activity


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